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Bookkeeping Services Southern California
Workers Comp Payroll Bookkeeping Southern California


Your Trusted


Capital Payroll Solutions, LLC, is the best payroll service for small business you need, offering specialized payroll across California. We’re your payroll department. We’re your quality support team.

Above all: We’re your knowledge base, offering trusted payroll services over long-term period...

Accessible, Reliable, Sustainable

Every week, we process tens of thousands of payroll dollars, helping our clients meet deadlines while assuring accuracy.

Don't Divide

Your Time

We serve small and medium-sized businesses, helping teams of one to 50 stay informed, stay financially secure and stay satisfied. As your one-stop provider of multiple services, we’re available for bookkeeping, workers’ comp insurance, and tax management alike. 


As your partner, we value your time. Every service is tailored to your business, ensuring an incomparable experience.

Why use Capital Payroll Solutions?


  • We use stringent controls to protect your data.

  • Assurance that storage media and computer equipment are protected.

  • Our cost-effective services serve companies with up to 500 employees.

  • Our dedicated payroll processing services assure accuracy and consistency.

  • Only authorized individuals can access files.

  • All tax calculations adhere to local, state and federal specifications.

The Best Decision I made...

...was hiring Capital Payroll Solutions. They were easy to talk to and understood what I needed to make it happen asap.

- Gary W.

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